Friday, March 27, 2009

Kieran's Blog! And Week One Wrap-Up. :)

I created Kieran's blog the other day, and will try my best to keep updating it as much as possible. Of course, it all depends on the little man. :) 

So far, everything has been great. The sleepless nights are to be expected, but did take some getting used to. I think we've gotten into a pretty good routine already, though. We let Daddy sleep as much as possible during the night, as he has become our full-time housekeeper -- doing all the cooking, laundry, cleaning, and shopping. Although Grandma and Grandpa did start us off on the right foot, by cleaning our entire house while we were still in the hospital, as well as stock our freezer full of Trader Joe's goodies. Oh, and did I mention my mom weeded and pruned our entire patio?? And bought us flowers!

We went on our first trip outside the house yesterday. We had an appointment to have our car seat checked at Tiny Tots, and then went and visited Uncle Adam at work (look for pics on Kieran's blog!). We were going to go walk the Campbell Creek Trail, but decided it would probably be a bit much for me so soon after the surgery. It was just so good to get out of the house, though. And such beautiful weather!

We've had such an amazing time with him so far. And we can't thank our friends enough for all the love they've given both us and Kieran. Thanks to Amii, Rhonda, Nick, Tim, Jeannie, Andrew and Cindi for visiting us in the hospital (as well as bringing some great treats). And a big thank you to Mariyah for bringing us the most amazing salad ever one night, and LeeAnn for bringing dinner and Kieran's first birthday cake to celebrate his one week! :) 

And I don't know what we have done without Uncle Adam, racing over and putting together the playard before we arrived home! Not to mention soothing Kieran to sleep with his radio show. :) Thanks Uncle!!

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